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  Mata Ki Chowki ::  

Chowki is devotional program, can be kept any time or done on happy occasions such as Engagements, Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or during Ganpati and Navratri festivals during the year.


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  Mata Ka Jagran ::  

JAGRAN is a MANNAT. People do Mannat or desire for a wish fulfilment before Mataji. If their wish is fulfilled they keep the Jagran at their place and complete their Mannat.


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He was born in 1958 in a Sindhi family, in Mumbai. After completing his education in 1977 he got inclined.....


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We perform MATA KI CHOWKI, on any day or any occasion, also on GANPATI AND NAVRATRI festivals, during the year and MATA KA JAGRANS on every Saturday.

We also do JHULELAL BHERANA & SINDHI SANGEET LADDA on Engagements, Weddings and Thread ceremony Programís.

Please note we also conduct JAGRANS FREE OF CHARGE through SHRI BHAWANI JAGRAN SAMITI, (Mumbai). Popularly known as AHUJA Mandli.


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