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Gulshan Rajmalani was born in 1958 in a Sindhi family, at Sion in Mumbai. After completing his education in 1977 he got inclined towards the spiritual. Gradually, he became renowned for his unique style of singing and organizing devotional songs.

In his own words, this is how his journey started.

It was around Chaitra Mas Navratri time, April May, 1977 that I saw an unusual dream. I saw myself attending MATA KA JAGRAN on a Saturday in a temple called Shri Gandhiya Mahadev Mandir, at Raoli Camp, GTB Nagar. Once everything was over early in the morning, I was the last person sitting in a corner of the temple,just looking at the Matajiís Murti. Suddenly Mantji, the Sewadar called out loudly and told me to come and take Prasad as they were getting late. After this I lost my dream.

I got up from my sleep and took bath, dressed up and went to the same temple next morning. My dream was being replayed before me, as I was sitting in corner, everyone went away only Mantji and his 2 sewadars were there and he shouted in the same manner and asked me to come and take Prasad as they were getting late. This was something I had never experienced before. He also asked me to come early every Saturday night for JAGRAN. I took my Prasad and came back home.

Next Saturday again I saw a dream of MATAJIíS JAGRAN at the same temple Shri Gandhiya Mahadev Mandir. I reached late again after everyone left and saw that Red KUMKUM was spread all over below Matajiís Murti and one fruit Prasad was kept there. A Panditji (Brahmin) saw me and asked why was I late and told me to take the fruit Prasad from there and go as he had to get the temple cleaned up for morning Aarti. I lost my dream.

Next morning I did go to the same temple and everything from my last nightís dream was repeated there. The Red Kumkum was spread all over below Matajiís Murti and a single fruit Prasad was kept there as if it was for me only. As I was praying, Panditji came and asked me why I am late and told me to take the fruit Prasad kept there and leave soon as he had to get the temple cleaned up for morning Aarti. Each and every detail got repeated in the same way I saw in my dream.

So I felt Mataji wanted me to start visiting her temple. Even though I knew this temple for long I never visited it, so I started visiting Shri Gandhiya Mahadev Mandir every Saturday, May 1977 onwards.

There were very few singers at that time who visited the temple but the most important were Pandit Dhani Ram, Mahant Desraj, Papa Gyanchand, Mr. Ahuja among others. Gradually as we all used to interact with each others, we became good friends and the place became like family to me. I used to have a good time mostly with Mr. P C Ahuja, Mr. N R Khanna, Mr. Kishan Israni and Mr. Vijay Kapoor.

It was around 1979-80 when I started singing for Mataji, my first few Mata ki Bhents were -

1. Maiyaji Aasi Naukar tere
2. Mata Parvati ka Bhiya
3. Shanivar ka din aaya jage ki to rat aai
4. Hassda Muskanda ja tu nam dhiyanda ja
5. Oo Maiyaji oo maiya ji tera bachra pukare.
6. Bin Piyar ko main tarsna

Then I regularly started singing with them and around 1981 I used to sing well on my own and learnt Ganpati Vandana, Mataji Vandana, Mataji Bhogh, Mataji Ishnan, and Mata Tara Rani Katha,and learnt how to do jagrans.

Days and years passed and it was around Sep, 1982 when few of us left GANDHIYA MAHADEV MANDIR, and started doing Jagrans at other places in each and every oneĎs house. It was Mr. P C. Ahujaís aim to do absolutely FREE OF CHARGE JAGRAN'S at every oneís house which later on continued.

In 1983, five of us formed a group called SHRI BHAWANI JAGRAN SAMITI MUMBAI, and started booking Jagrans every Saturday free of charge and preformed our first Jagran at Basant Park Chembur Mumbai 74. Till date we have continued that tradition of doing Jagrans every Saturday in Mumbai, also all over India and abroad.

During 1995 onwards, Mata ki Chowki started and Mr. P C. Ahuja started doing Chowkis on the lines of Bhawani Jagran Samiti.

As the time went on I got devotionally attached to it and during the year 2002 I started my own group, with my son Mr. Vaarunn Rajmalani called MATA KI CHOWKI and started my own programmes.

My Spiritual Message
 I have a spiritual message for all devotees of Matarani



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